our story

design philosophy

Minerals, Stones and Crystals

The collections embrace the wellness of mind and spirit based on the belief that the energy from the earth possess healing qualities. Minerals, stones, and crystals are infused into the designs, and influence the elements of our brand design philosophy.

brand vision

Adrienne landau

The Adrienne Landau brand is a testament to timeless glamour and intones of Adrienne’s creative spirituality. The collection was conceived with the belief that today’s woman has seen and worn it all, she is discerning of value, and yearns for ease and elegance. Designed with elemental dressing, which builds upon itself, supporting the confident woman with sophisticated sensuality, this modernized lifestyle collection effortlessly moves with her from day to night.

Brand history


The beginning

An accomplished artist at heart, Adrienne Landau married bold color to rich texture on canvas. She began her journey in the world of luxury fashion in 1980, where her designs reflect the intersection of her unique art and fashion.


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